How to make a spring wreath

8 March , 2023

I really enjoyed having my Christmas Wreath up and really miss having my front door adorned with something pretty.

So I made a spring wreath.


I decided to use a mixture of real greenery from the garden, and faux flowers that I can reuse every year.

You can use any evergreen plants (ones that don’t die once cut and stay green for a long time)

The faux flowers were purchased from Dunelm, but lots of shops have similar ones, just try and buy ones that aren’t really fake-looking! (I couldn’t find any good fake tulips.

I use the wreath frame from hobbycraft, florists wire* from Amazon and moss from etsy.

Making the spring wreath

Start with damp moss, attach your wire to your ring, put on a clump of moss onto your ring, and then wrap the wire tightly over it and around. Add another clump to your wreath and wrap the wire until the ring is covered in the moss.

Make a bunch with your greenery and 1 or 2 flowers and with one hand hold the ends to the ring and use your other hand to wrap the wire over and under a couple of times. Make sure the wire is really tight, as this is what keeps the wreath together and stops bits from falling out.

Gather up another bunch with a different flower in it and place it on top of the last to cover up the stems of the last bunch and wrap over and under with the wire again.

Keep going around using your different flowers, you will see how they look next to each other.

Finishing off your spring wreath

When you get to the last bunch you have to shuffle it under the one before and after. It is a little tricky to wrap the wire but just take your time with it.

When you have attached your last piece, wrap the wire to the back and use it to make a loop to hand your wreath up with.

Then hang your stunning spring wreath on your door.

To keep the greenery as fresh as possible, spray it and the moss to keep it damp.

We have an open porch so mine is quite protected from the rain. If yours isn’t check how colour fast your faux flowers are.

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