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25 March , 2024

What do you do when your boiler breaks unexpectedly?

We moved into our house in December 2023 and on the (long) list of things we would like to update was the boiler. But there were many things on that list ahead of it. The boiler was an old style, not a combi boiler. And having to heat water up every day to have a bath or clean was a pain when our previous house had a combi.

The boiler had been serviced by the sellers in August 2023 so we were confident it would be working until we had the funds to replace it.

But no…

We woke up at the start of March to a cold house and no radiators heating. We had boiler insurance as part of our house insurance and a plumber came out and said it could be a few things, we needed to pay for a full power flush before the insurance might change the pump or various other things ‘might’ be covered.

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What do you do when your boiler breaks down in winter

With the uncertainty of the costs to repair it, and it is when it was 0 degrees outside we looked at our options to get a new system.

I started googling to look at prices and options, and several companies popped up offering a quick service, you could search online for the price and fill out forms to get an instant quote.

I started to do more research on 3 of these, and saw that Heatable is recommended by Which? This I always find very reassuring, and is a major plus point when using an unknown company.

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Making a new boiler affordable

I went onto the Heatable website and went through the questions, all were easy to answer, asking about your existing boiler and set-up, size of house, location of boiler etc.

It then gives you a very clear quote, with different options of boilers, explaining the pros of each one.

The pricing is very clear and the option of pating in full, buy now pay later, or spreading the cost.

There are options to spread interest-free over 3 years or for longer with interest. When you are not expecting to have to buy a new boiler right now this made it affordable for us to spread the cost interest-free over 3 years.

The prices quoted included EVERYTHING, the boiler, installation, testing, gas safety certificate, removal of our old water tank and cylinder, registering the new boiler with building control & for its guarantee with the manufacturer.

There were no hidden costs, we did add & pay extra for a ProFlush of the system and a limescale reducer and refitting our smart thermostat.

Getting a new boiler the next day

When you go through to get a quote for a new boiler installation, it will show you how quickly you can get it installed by one of their specialists.

We booked ours on the Friday night, to be fitted on the Monday. We went with a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 25kW boiler, as it is again Which? recommended and I read very positive reviews of the boiler and brand, and it came with a 10 year guarantee.

Once we had booked it, we received an email asking for some photos, of the old boiler, the flue, the water tank etc. Nothing tricky to do and can all be done on your phone.

Preparing laminate wardrobes to be painted

What happens when Heatable install a new boiler?

Prior to Monday morning, we received a few emails with clear information from Heatable on who would be coming to the house, their name and a photo of them, an estimation of how long it would take (1-2 days as swapping to a combi)

We also got a text to advise all the equipment would be arriving by courier on Monday morning and a timeslot was given.

At 7:15am on the Monday morning the engineers arrived and got to work. They were super polite and friendly and wanted to get started straight away. No messing around of wasting time.

They made a start on the work to be done before the new boiler could be installed, some pipe work needed to be added, the old water tank and cylinder needed to be removed.  They covered all the carpet in sticky back plastic to protect it. Before 9am the equipment arrived.

My husband and I were both working from home and they worked around us, only having to turn the power and water off for as short time as possible.

How inconvenient is having a new boiler?

The process was so easy with Heatable, we had expected them for 2 days, but they worked the whole day through, only stopping for 15 mins at lunchtime for a sandwich in their van. And by 5pm the new boiler was installed and working, they had cleaned everything up, and were giving us a tutorial on how the boiler works.

They really were brilliant guys, and the installation process was completely hassle-free for us.  We were left with a heating system that highlighted how ineffcient and bad our old one was even when working. We realised the rasiators had never really got that hot before, and some didn’t work.  But now all were roasting hot and working, heating quickly.  And instant hot water for long hot baths!

Would I recommend using Heatable to get a new boiler?

100% yes!

From the quote on the website to purchasing and booking the installation, to the fitting, it was easy and stress-free.

And price-wise, everyone we have told how much we paid for a top-of-the-range boiler and installation has been very impressed with the costs.

Added to the fact we had it fitted so quickly, no waiting for a week or 2 with no heating.

Heatable was just a brilliant service!  And that is why I wanted to write this review! It is not sponsored, or the boiler isn’t gifted, but just high praise for a fantastic company and service.

Preparing laminate wardrobes to be painted

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