Budget kitchen makeover for under £250

17 April , 2024

How can you update your old tired, out of style kitchen on a small budget?

We moved into our house in December 2023 and the kitchen we inherited was very brown, beige and mushroom coloured.  There were really no redeeming features, except the size of it and it was in OK condition. 

It is not currently in our budget to replace but I hated it!

It does have a big window but it is side facing so not much light gets in, and with the brown all over, and the dark floor it made it even darker and not a nice place to be in and cook.

So I did some research on what I could do to improve the look of it all, what paints to use on the cupbaords and tiles and my challenge was to make it brighter and a nicer place to be.

You canwatch me complete the whole makeover on my Instagram and Tiktok.

For under £250 I managed to

  • Painted the cupboards
  • Painted the tiles
  • Covered the worktops in vinyl
  • Put new floor tiles down
  • Stripped the 3 types of wallpaper
  • Relined the walls
  • Painted the ceiling, walls and woodwork
  • Buy a new blind
  • Buy a new clock
  • Buy silicone mats to protect the worktops

It took me 7 days over 2 weeks, and I didn’t do it in the ‘right’ order as I had to fit in with the dog being here, work and life, so I did it in the order that worked for me.

But in a perfect world I would have

  1. Stripped the walls
  2. Linned the walls
  3. Painted the woodwork
  4. Painted the ceilnig and walls
  5. Painted the tiles
  6. Painted the cupbaords
  7. Covered the worktops
  8. Laid the floor tiles



Kitchen cupboards painted with Rustoleum Leaplish and Steamed Milk coloured paint

The finished kitchen makeover

The kitchen cupboards & tiles painted, and worktops covered in vinyl

What paint to use on your MDF wrapped kitchen cupboards?

After a lot of research, I decided to use the Rustoleum Kitchen cupboard paint. I had used this on the MDF wardrobes in the teens room with great success.

I purchased several samples, originally thinking I would go dark, but the room needed lifted in colour.

I decided to go with the Leaplish Green Matt Kitchen Cupboard Paint and Steamed Milk off-white Kitchen Cupboard paint in a kitchen and decided to go for the two-tone of the green on the bottom and off-white on the top.

You can read more about the process in this post

Rustoleum Kitchen cupboard paint in Steamed Milk Products

The kitchen cupboards & tiles painted, and worktops covered in vinyl

Painting the tiles

I used Rustoleum Bathroom Tile paint* in Cotton, it is tougher than the kitchen one as comes in two parts with a hardner.

You want to have the right equipment to get the best finish.

I use Two Fussy Blokes smooth roller sleeves* and a Paint Warrior brush

You can see all the decorating equipment I use in this post 

You want to use a thin coat of paint for each coat, it took three to fully cover the awful tiles and pattern on mine.

Rustoleum Kitchen cupboard paint in Steamed Milk Products

Adding DC Fix Vinyl to the worktops

I used the D-C-Fix Ribbeck Oak Wood Sticky Back Vinyl for the job.  You can buy from Amazon here* they do various lengths and widths.

I purchased it from The Vinyl Superstore here I had to get 90cm width and 7 metres, as on the sink side I had 2 end overhangs and wanted to do a join towards the back. 

For a full tutorial on applying the DC Fix vinyl to the worktops, see my other post here with a step by step guide on how I applied it

Rustoleum Kitchen cupboard paint in Steamed Milk Products

The kitchen cupboards & tiles painted, and worktops covered in vinyl

New budget kitchen flooring

I purchased the stick on floor tiles from DCO here

Here is me applying them


Final part of our budget kitchen makeover, how to lay vinyl floor tiles. And then the big reveal #kitchenmakeover #budgetmakeover

♬ cooler than me by mike posner sped up – Lexie (Daisy’s Version) 🌼

Preparing laminate wardrobes to be painted

Lining the walls and painting

I used Wallrock Fibreliner Smooth Lining Paper and painted the walls and ceiling with Farrow & Ball All White.

Watch along in video as I transfrom the kitchen

You can watch the videos of me doing the transformation on Instagram or Tiktok



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