What is the best way to clean lego sets?

17 January , 2023

We have a lot of LEGO in this house, first of all, the small boy collecting lots of LEGO over the last 10+ years, and then the husband also has many sets.

It is all around the house, and its brilliant, I also have some sets too.  But the one major issue I have with it, is the dusting of it. 

I look at these big collectors on social media and mumble “I bet they don’t clean that all every week”

Over the years I have tried many different ways to clean sets, including make up / paint brushes that is very effective BUT the dust shoots off into the room to land on another set.  Air compressor sprays have the same issue.  I even researched the (non-approved) LEGO vacuum you can get but the reviews were very mixed.

But for me the easiest way, and most effective so dust doesn’t go back into the room and land, and also it doesn’t break bits off is the Flash Dust Magnet*

You can purchase this starter kit from Amazon* and it is brilliant.

I have in the past used the similar pledge ones but they tend to rip and get caught on sharp and corner bricks.

I hold my hands up that the environmental impact is not brilliant, but these can be recycled through the Terracycle and are made of 33% recycled material. And they last for ages, and keep picking up dust even when they look pretty manky!

These pick up dust easily, don’t rip or leave fluff behind and don’t damage and break the sets. They are also great for getting around and between the sets too.

So they are at the moment the winner for cleaning LEGO in this house.

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