What does a cleaner use to clean a house?

21 October , 2012

In my other job away from geek stuff I clean.  It is something I find hugely satisfying but also it is hard work.

Over the last 18 months I have tried lots of different cleaning products, but now I just repeat buy the same stuff, because it all works.

So here is a sneaky look into what I use…

So a list of what it all is

  • Method multi surface cleaner or their kitchen cleaner – I switch between the clementine and pink grapefruit.  I know in theory one is for the kitchen but they are (I think) the same thing really.  I use it on wood, kitchens, woodwork, window sills, uPVC, doors, other hard furnishings.  For stubborn dirt, spray and leave for a bit.
  • Method glass cleaner – I use it on windows, glass, mirrors and then often the same as the multi surface cleaner.  This is the beauty of the method stuff, it is gentle but powerful so safe to use on anything.
  • Method daily shower –  I use this all over the bathroom as a general bathroom cleaner. I don’t like the method bathroom spray since they changed the smell of it, but think this is really the same.
  • Method tub scrub – I use this for baths, shower trays, shower doors and sinks.  A little goes a long way!
  • Method squirt & mop – I use this with the steam mop if a floor is sticky or bad.
  • Supermarket thick bleach – whatever is on offer and cheapest but the thick version.  Yes I love my method products but sometimes only bleach will do.  And for toilets this is what works.  I am yet to find any toilet stuff that actually dos much really.  Put it down the loo and leave for as long as you can.
  • Shiny Sinks – this stuff is brilliant – I use it on all types of sinks, but on stainless steel it is magical.  It is gentle but gets rid of all the watermarks.  I also use it on stainless steel hobs and oven fronts, kettles  toasters, saucepans. the rings around gas hobs.  Handles, front door fittings.  It is cheap and again you only need a drop of it.
  • Limelite Active Gel  – (not the spray!) For when taps are looking a bit grotty around the ends and the bits that attach to the sink, nothing beats some of this and an old toothbrush and a scrub. Then all the grot is gone.  Also for badly watermarked shower doors.  And if you get the orange/pink bits in your shower in the tiles or seals, that is limescale and this will get rid of it.  Also if your toilet is bad, empty as much water out as you can and then put some of this down and it will get rid of the limelite, not just bleach.
  • All purpose cleaner – I use whatever is on offer, supermarket own brands or flash. I only use it in the kitchen in the sink for rinsing my cloths out as I go.

Then my other trusty tools are hand cream, an old toothbrush, window squeegee for shower doors, digital rechargeable radio.

The tools I use are a Dyson DC24 – I have big love for dysons.

Shark pocket steam mop – it doesn’t drip, heats up fast and cleans well

For cloths my main tip is use lots, I use micro fibre cloths from Amazon, IKEA face cloths, old muslins and e-cloth glass polishing cloths.  The major secret to making things shine? Dry them (that’s what the muslin are for)

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