Tilly and the Buttons pyjama bottoms sewing pattern review

30 January , 2023

Making clothes from sewing patterns is not totally new to me, I did G.C.S.E. textiles 3 decades ago! But I haven’t made any clothes from a pattern for about 20 years.

After fixing my old Singer sewing machine a couple of weeks ago, I got it second-hand for my 21st birthday, it is about 40+ years old, but I love it, it’s heavy and basic but does exactly what I want it to.

The TikTok algorithm took me to Tilly and the Buttons account, and this led me to want to have a go at dressmaking again, so after a look at their website and their patterns I decided to make some of their Jaimie Pyjama Bottoms.

I ended up buying the pattern from my local fabric shop when I went to get the fabirc, the pattern was more expensive there than on the website itself, but it was convenient to get them together. I chose this lovely wild berry 100% cotton fabric after seeing it on their Instagram post.

What’s in the pattern pack?

On opening the pack, it contains a sturdy instruction booklet in colour and the pattern, in two large sheets. The last time I made something from a pattern, they were made from tissue thin paper that ripped as soon as you looked at it, it was awful to work with.

The Tilly and the Buttons patterns are on good thick paper, it is so much easier to deal with. The instructions are really clear, explaining all the techical terms and how you go from the start – cutting out the pattern pieces, to the end – sewing the fabric together.

Video guidance

For this pattern, they also have a fully step-by-step video guide on how to make them, if you are new to sewing this is so helpful

Cutting out the pattern & fabric

Cutting out the pattern for my size
Placing the pattern onto the fabric

When you have decided what size you are (there is a guide so you can measure yourself and check) you then set about cutting out the pattern on the corresponding line. For these pyjama bottoms you then need to attach 2 pieces together to get the length, really simple to do and it is clearly marked.

Once you have your pattern pieces all ready, you lay out your fabric, again there is a clear guide on how to do this depending on the size you are making and your fabric width.

There are a few basic things that came flooding back to me when cutting out the fabric, first lining up the pattern with the edge of the fabric (the long arrows – all explained in the instructions), and cutting the notches. I may not remember my own child’s name half the time but 30 years later I clearly remember this!

Adding Pockets

The basic pattern doesn’t come with pockets, and for me pockets in pjs are essential! Where else do you put your phone?

But this isn’t a problem, as on the Tilly and the Buttons blog they have a tutorial and pattern to add pockets to any of their patterns. You simply print out the pockets pattern and then follow the written or video tutorial to add them to your existing pattern.

For me, adding the pockets was probably the hardest bit (it was still not hard!) as I couldn’t initially get my head around how you don’t sew them shut! But I watched the video and went step by step pausing it and it all became clear.

Making the pajamas

This pattern is great as once the pockets were sorted, the rest was really straightforward. With no difficult matching, or edges. Just simple straight sewing, and then I used zig-zag on the edges (again all explained and they have separate videos if you are not sure)

As you go along you will need to press your seams to get a great result.

One thing I found so helpful, was using my Cricut Easypress mini instead of an iron. I have one of the Cricut Easypress heat-resistant mats also and it means I can create in my craft room without needing a big iron and ironing board up there. And especially on smaller seams, it is so much easier to use than a proper iron.

I chose to put in the drawstring and not the elastic, you get directions and patterns for both options.

The finished pyjamas

The pyjamas took me about 3-4 hours to make from opening the packet to sewing the last hem, but I think if I were to make them again I could cut this in half, as I spent a lot of time re-reading and watching the videos as a lot of it was a bit hazy, to begin with!

And here is the result, I am delighted with them!

I tested them last night in bed, and they are so comfy, and nothing more satisfying than knowing I made them!

Next, I am planning on trying the Erin Dungarees and Lyra dress patterns next, now I feel confident in sewing something a bit more advanced, and also I know that the instructions and guidance are really clear and helpful.

I will also be making some more of the Jaimie pyjamas bottoms, in the shirts version for the summer, as that is also included in the pattern.

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