Sweary Embroidery and Cross Stitch patterns

27 March , 2023

Looking for your next embroidery project, for that person who has everything, wouldn’t want a ‘normal’ embroidery gift? How about a sweary embrodery or cross stitch?

I made the cross stitch sweary for a friend’s 50th present. The pattern was from Etsy here. It turned out so well, and was an easy one to follow. I used their suggested colours, but you could use any colour design.

The second sweary embroidery was also an Etsy pattern here, this time I changed the colours to be darker and used a blue fabric for it.

My version in darker colours
The original pattern colours (This image belongs to Etsy seller GetStitchDoneDesigns )

The seller GetStitchDoneDesigns on Etsy has lots of other brilliant sweary, feminist and other modern embroidery designs. Check out her shop here

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