September 2017 Skincare products update

20 September , 2017

18 months ago I wrote this post about tackling my adult acne, and all the products I was going to use to tackle it.

I am very glad to say, my skin is  pretty much clear now (as long as I don’t slack off and not bother using the products for a few days)

Out of all the products I linked before I am only still using a couple of them, but have also discovered some others that have really made a difference.

But the thing (I think) for me has been consistency.  Not just buying the products and thinking that is enough, but actually faithfully using them once or twice a day.  Every day.

So my morning routine looks like this

Left to right

Neutrogena Oil-Free Deep Clean Cream Cleanser 205 ml £3.91 plus £4.61 delivery from  It comes from the US, I haven’t managed to track it down here, but it is so worth the postage and wait.  Don’t be put off by the ‘teenage’ brand.  This is lush, its creamy, none drying but cleans my face.

Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Extreme Night Pads 80 ml These have 5% glycolic acid with added salicylic acid too.  They never dry out, and the last pad is as soaked as the first.  Superdrug often has them on offer.

Serozinc by La Roche-Posay Toner for Oily-Blemish Prone Skin 150ml If I had a fridge in my bedroom I would keep this in it over the summer, it is a lovely refreshing spray.  But it also mattifies the skin without that weird stiff feeling face.

Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + 40 ml. this wonderful stuff, I have been using it consistently for 18 months plus now, I also have the tinted version and SPF 30 version.  In the summer I find it enough daytime for moisturiser alone.  For me this is a vital part and never skipped int he morning

Pestle and Mortar Hydrate Moisturiser this was a pay day type buy 6 months ago, I had been using their night oil (see further down) for a while and the packaging and products are so lush.  The consistency of this is really nice and light but does a great job too.

And night time routine is

Double cleans if wearing make up or spf starting with

First cleanse with Clinique TTDO off balm – there is no alternative, nothing works as well and doesn’t irritate. It makes me sad its so dull, but that is why it is as good as it is.

Second cleanse Neutrogena Oil-Free Deep Clean Cream Cleanser 205 ml  As above

Alpha- H Liquid Gold This is magical stuff. MAGICAL. I got 3 smaller bottles in an m and s deal 8 months or so ago and have been using it every other night.  It feels like it is doing nothing but the difference was visable very fast.  If I have been crap and not used it I can see the difference in the congestion in my skin.  I try and buy when mand s have their 20% off.  Lasts for ages and top tip of Caroline Hirons, use whats left on the pad on the back of your hands.

Pestle and Mortar SuperstarRetinol Night Oil – I wanted to use a night oil and a retinol and after reading the reviews of this I was sold.  You can get 10% off signing up to their newsletter.  And it lasts for ages, I use alternate nights to the liquid gold.

Revitalash – I have been using this for nearly 3 weeks and I can see a difference already in the length, interested to see the results in the next couple of months (20 % off signing up to their newsletter)

I am pretty strict now with what else I use, on holiday I used sun cream and a day later had a few cysts, thankfully cleared up fast once home and away from the sunscreen.  I have bought some La roche posey for going away this November as I should have done in the summer *eye roll* but live and learn!

I have purchased all the products myself, the Amazon linked products are affiliate links, meaning I get a few pennies if you purchase via them.  

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