Review of e-cloth Phone & Sat Nav Cloth & MP3 Pouch

14 November , 2012

Sometime in life 2 different areas of your life collide perfectly.  The clean and shiny people over at e-cloth asked me if I would like to try out their new Phone & Sat Nav Cloth and their Phone & MP3 pouch , gadgets and cleaning in one product. OWWWWW!

Phone & MP3 Pouch e-cloth

I have used a few other e-cloth products, the glass cloth and more recently their mop (LOVE IT) so I already knew that quite simple, their products work.

The Phone and MP3 pouch is rather clever though, it is a pouch made from a cloth that cleans your gadget whilst it is in there.  And you can also use it to give it a good buff.  It can be used on touch screens, plastic, metal and glass.  It has a secure toggle on the cord too, so no falling out in your bag.  It is light and will protect your gadgets from the other stuff in your pocket or bag.  The pouch cots £4.99 and is machine washable. The pouch is available from Tesco, Wilkinson’s  and,

Above is an iPod touch so you can tell the size of it.  What I also discovered was the pouch fits glasses too.  As a glasses wearer in the summer I wear prescription sunglasses so was after a light pouch to carry in my bag to swap between glasses and sunglasses.

Here is the pouch showing the size for glasses and with it done up tightly with my glasses in.

So you have the bonus of a light and secure glasses case AND it cleans your lenses.

The Phone & Sat nav cloth easily cleaned the iPhone and iPad screens with no need for any sprays or chemicals.  It removed all the fingers prints and the weird face grease (just me?) from the phone.  And as I have discovered this week, it also is a brilliant for cleaning my glasses.  The cloth has been sitting by the front door and before I go out I clean my glasses, with a simple huff on the lenses and polish. No streaks, marks or hassle.  Before I was using a glass spray that always leaved streaks and was a faff.

Both of these would make great stocking fillers for Christmas for anyone in your life that has gadgets, glasses or both.  They are in nice neutral designs so good for men too.  The cloth is available from Lakeland, Tesco, Wilkinson’s and for £1.99 and is machine washable too.

Now I am off to find other things to make shiny 🙂




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