Products I use to make Dyson Airwrap curls last all-day

20 January , 2023

I was very lucky to receive a Dyson airwrap for Christmas, I have watched a lot of tutorial videos on how to use it and the biggest feedback on social media seems to be getting the curls to hold.

There are many methods out there that people say ‘are the one!’ and loads of different products are suggested as helping to keep the curls in.

In the few weeks that I have had it, I tried a few different things before hitting on the 2 that make it work for me.

My hair is fine, past my shoulders, and not lots of it as I have an undercut, curls don’t tend to stay in my hair very well, even when using a curling iron on full heat, so I needed some help with getting the curls to last when using the dyson airwrap.

I had read that a mousse is a great idea and after reading and watching, I saw that John Frieda Frizz ease Dream Curls * was recommended by several people, so I ordered it to test it out.

I already had the second product, the KMS Therma Shape* as I had been using it when doing curls with my straighteners or curling wands, and loved the fact it is a heat protector and gives a flexible hold.

My tips for getting dyson airwrap curls to hold

  1. Towel dry hair
  2. Apply a generous amount of the John Frieda Dream Curls mouse & comb through
  3. Dry your hair to still damp, not dripping or really wet, but not so it feels dry
  4. Section your hair
  5. Spray each piece lightly before you add to the airwrap with the KMS Therma Shape
  6. Wrap that piece, and wait until you can feel it is dry, around 10 seconds
  7. Press the cool shot and hold it until it goes cold for 5+ seconds after it feels cold. (Not just 5 seconds from pressing it)
  8. Turn off the airwrap and release the curl and DO NOT TOUCH IT!
  9. After you finish a layer spray with hair spray, I used any flexible hairspray
  10. When you have finished your whole head, spray with hair spray, and again DO NOT TOUCH IT!
  11. Leave your hair without combing through for as long as you can, it will feel a bit crispy likely, but that comes out fine.
  12. When you need to, comb it through with your fingers or wide tooth comb and spray again with a flexible hairspray

These products have meant my fine hair has stayed curled all day and the next day too.

Depending on the look I want, I chose the smaller barrel for tighter curls and the larger one for more of a wave / bouncy blow-dry look.

If I want some casual waves I have used the larger barrel and less product and it is just a gentle wave that stays in.

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  1. Martyna

    Thank you for this tip! I struggled to curl my hair using airwrap but buying these products and using this technique helped me achieve nice curls that lasted a whole day 🙂

    • Jo

      Oh fantastic to hear!


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