How to make reusable kitchen towels

15 April , 2023

Are you bored of having to keep buying paper kitchen towels, or kitchen rolls? Here is how to make reusable kitchen towels at home. We either seem to run out of them when I need something to grab to mop up a spill, or I feel bad for the environmental impact of using them and throwing them away.

So I decided to make some easily reusable kitchen towels at home. We have been using these for a month now at home, and they are brilliant. Easy to use as they are still on a roll like paper kitchen rolls, absorbent, wash and dry easily in the machine. And never need to be repurchased!

I have also replaced the tissues on my make-up table with some of these, as they’re much softer than tissues to use on your face for make-up corrections, or wiping away excess creams etc.

No pattern is needed, and you just need a basic sewing machine that does a zigzag stitch.

You will need the following to make reusable kitchen towels

  • Brushed cotton fabric – sometimes called flannel cotton
  • A sewing machine that does zigzag stitch
  • Scissors or fabric rotary cuter if you have one
  • Thread for the sewing machine
  • An old centre of a kitchen roll, or 2 toilet roll insides taped


I used brushed cotton fat quarters and cut them into 10-inch squares.

You can use any brushed cotton fabric you have around the house, an old sheet even. Brushed or flannel cotton is used as it is more absorbent than regular cotton.

I have a mix of lights and darks, both have advantages. Dark fabric won’t show up any stains but will look more used as the material tends to bobble.

Light fabric will show any stains that don’t wash out but will look, fresher longer.

So I just went with a mix of the two as I couldn’t decide!

I then used a rotary fabric cutter and metal ruler to cut through multiple layers, but using scissors is also fine to use.

Cutting fabric to make reusable kitchen towels
reusable kitchen towels on a roll


Using the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine, sew around all the edges of each square, starting and ending with a few stitches back and forth to secure the thread. When you have sewed all around, cut off any excess thread.


Wash the squares before using them to get rid of any coating on the fabric to make sure they’re absorbent.

Once they are dry then roll them onto an old cardboard inner of kitchen towels, or as I didn’t have one, I stuck together 2 toilet rolls.

You can watch the TikTok of me making mine here and how you roll them onto the tube.


The best eco seap i made. I made ours a yesr ago and they are a little faded but still perfect. You just need a basic sewing machine and brushed cotton fabric

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