How to keep warm when working from home this winter

12 October , 2023
With energy bill going up, and more people working from home and responsible for paying their own heating bills whilst working from home, there are some easy ways to keep warm, when you have to sit at a desk all day.

I used all of these last year and we massively reduced the times we had the heating on during the day, with my husband and I working all day at home, without feeling cold.  We saved money on our heating bills all winter long.

They are all an investment, and not very expensive, and you will have them year after year.


Thermals have moved on a lot from the old itchy, thick and bulky items that used to exist. These come in a range of colours and styles.

The M&S Heatgen™ range has items for everyone. The range comes in 3 warmth levels, Light, Medium and Max.

Even with the Max range, they are still soft and easy to wear under your normal clothes to create layers to keep you warm, when you are sitting at a desk all day not moving much.

I wear them under normal clothes, adding as many layers as I need that day.

vest + turtle neck + jumper

leggings + jeans

socks + crocs


Heatgen™ Medium Thermal Vest*

My go-to Women’s M&S Heatgen items are

Heatgen™ Medium Thermal Vest*
This vest. is so soft, and not clingy. It has wide straps too so comfortable to layer. It is nice and long, so can keep tucked in easily (another keep warm tip!)
Heatgen™ Medium Thermal Vest*
I am not a fan of polo necks, I find them too claustrophobic and tight, but the necks on these turtle necks are not tight and only short, but give that extra bit of neck height to keep you warm.

You can also get a non-turtle neck version*, that is a round neck that could go under shirts or jumpers without being seen.

Heatgen™ Medium Thermal Vest*
These are stretchy, and soft to wear, and I could fit under straight and wide leg jeans or jogging bottoms easily.
Heatgen™ Medium Thermal Vest*
Warm socks that are not too thick so you can still get shoes and trainers on.

My husbands go-to men’s M&S Heatgen items are

Heatgen™ Medium Thermal Vest*
My husband wasn’t convinced on the thermals when I suggested it, but once he saw them and tried them out, and felt warm when I was too mean to put the heating on, he was convinced!
Heatgen™ Medium Thermal Vest*
This is also really lovely and soft, with gentle cuffs.

Lined Crocs*

I was a classic Croc buyer* – just for in the house as slippers, maybe in the garden, then oh look I am in the supermarket wearing them.

But these kept my feet warm all last winter.

My feet get very cold, especially when just sitting at a desk all day and not moving, but wearing these with thermal socks I never got cold feet once.

And you can go out in the garden to get the dog in without getting soggy feet!

Heatgen™ Medium Thermal Vest*

Fleece Lined Hat*

This is one thing that when the temps hit zero degrees and our house was really cold made a massive difference.

Keeping your head warm, really does stop you losing heat.


Heatgen™ Medium Thermal Vest*
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