Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil versus Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

11 April , 2016

I discovered the Clinique Take the Day off (TTDO) Balm a year ago, through a combination of people talking about it on social media and Caroline Hirons putting it into her hall of fame.

I had used tried a few cleansing balms and oils, and although this is boring as hell with its no scent, it works. It really works. Removing the difficult to remove Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and waterproof mascara with ease. I have now given into the boringness of it and am addicted for first cleanse.

I have dug my finger into the last of the post a couple of weeks ago and went to buy more, but then I remembered Sali Hughes had said she preferred the TTDO oil. I was torn. Sali v’s Caroline. GAH.

So I thought in order to be proper scientific and stuff  (whilst wearing a white lab coat obviously) I needed to try the oil at least once.

I have been using the take the day off oil every evening for a couple of weeks, it is the same boring no scent, but instead of being a solid balm you dig your finders into then melt onto your face, it is super runny like baby oil.

I use a couple of pumps and then you need to be quick and get it to your face before it runs away. You can’t feel it moving on your face as much as the balm, but from what comes off onto my white face cloth on removal it works as well.

So it comes down to preference of solid against liquid.

I really don’t like the oil, I will finish the bottle as it works, but it is too drippy and I have to concentrate too much (#drama) and I need to just be able to cleanse without thinking.

The balm feels nice on my face, like stodgy and you can move it about (so hard to explain that feeling!)

So I will go back to the balm after this – maybe one day they will release onE that smells divine too (I realise this is missing the point about it being non scented!)

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