Christmas Tree Biscuits

17 December , 2012

I think this is the first time I have blogged about something I have cooked.  I am not known for my baking or cooking abilities, I am known for my burnt offerings though.

But I thought I would try to make some Christmas biscuits, firstly for Ben and then maybe if they were OK, for gifts.

I used this Delia recipe for the basic biscuits, it was really easy as no melting the butter and just whizz it all up in the food processor (my kind of cooking)

I then used the Christmas Tree cookie cutter and cut them out and cooked them.  I then made up a batch of green icing, just using icing sugar, water and green colouring. I made it really quite thick so it wouldn’t run.

For decorating I used Dr. Oetker balls and stars

Cake decorating

and for the ‘tinsel’ ASDA glitter writing icing

Glitter icing

I used the end of a spoon to put the icing on and then spread it around, added the ball and star and drew on the tinsel.

Christmas Tree Cookies

As I wanted to give some as gifts I also got a set of 3 cheap tupperware containers (from ASDA also) and once the icing had set piled them in, tied round some ribbon and added a tag.

ChristmasTree Biscuit Gift

I am never going to be on masterchef or that other baking programme, but for me these were a real success!


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  1. Rachel

    They look great and really well presented. A lovely present.


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