Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Bedroom Furniture Make Over

22 December , 2016

OK hands up who has loads of pine furniture left from the 90’s?

And mix in with that some IKEA Malm to kind of (not really) match it?

Well that is basically my before of the bedroom furniture.

I had read about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and after some googling and Pinterest stalking, and asking on social media I confirmed that no prep was needed, except a wash down.  And then it was one or two coats and a wax.  Seemed simple enough, and people who had used it for pine furniture and kitchen cupboards were all really pleased.

So I choose my colour, Paris Grey and got the paint, wax and a waxing brush.  I got some cheap b&q round paint brushes for starters too.

The Before

My top tips for the process would be

  1. I washed everything with water and washing up liquid, and then waited for it to fully dry.
  2. Remove the knobs
  3. Water down the paint, use a bowl and it should be like single cream consistency.  
  4. The paint goes on really well, depending on the finish you want you will need 1 or 2 coats.
  5. It dries fast, so don’t hang around and be aware of drips in the paint and directions of the painting.
  6. If you are left with lumps and drips you can sand between coats lightly
  7. Waxing seems like a massive task, but is actually quick.  You need to ‘push’ the wax in and work it in to the dried paint.  I used the Annie Sloan wax brush but you can use a cloth but it will take longer.
  8. Don’t worry about anything being too perfect.  If after you have waxed you spot a bit of missed pain, you can put paint over the wax and then re wax that section and it all blends.
  9. You need to leave 24 hours between each wax.  I only did more than one wax coat on the tops.
  10. A good FAQ here


The During

I used Paris Grey for the furniture, the colour changes in different lights from a pale grey, to a slight green hint.  And it darkened slightly after waxing.

Once I had done most of the furniture I decided to add an accent colour and chose Old Violet.  I bought the Annie Sloan Mini Project Pack, as it included 2 tester pots (you choose the colours) and 2 mini wax (you choose the options) and also a brush.

I used the accent colour on lots of accessories, card (pen holder – see below), wood, and laminate and then just waxed them after too.

A quick thought on the Annie Sloan brushes – they are lush, and totally different from the cheap brushes I also used.  Yes they are expensive but if you intend doing more projects well worth it.  I hadn’t used round brushes before, but for these trpyes of projects they are awesome. 

The After

I picked up various accessories on the high street, and then painted some to match.

  1. Bed Set – White Company From £14.99
  2. Wooden Box – H&M £14.99
  3. 16 Glass Knobs – Amazon £12.90
  4. Alphabet Blocks – Next £5
  5. Cosmetic Bin (used for hairbrushes) – Amazon £7
  6. Mine & Yours Pillow Cases – John Lewis £12
  7. Pen Pot (painted for make up brushes) £2.50

I found painting with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint a learning curve, the process is really different from any other paint I have used.  But the finish is lovely, and it is really enjoyable to use.  The waxing is very satisfying too.

The are lots of colours to choose from, and you can also mix the colours to create different shades, some examples here 

For projects like this, to get ideas and see colours in action Pinterest is your friend.  Here is my board from when I was thinking about doing it (about 4 hours before I started doing it!)



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